OneV Concepts Announces a Strategic Partnership with Double-O Holdings Group to expand its Daboba Brand in USA.

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Oct.01.2022 - OneV Concepts, an affiliate of OneV Capital Partners, has partnered with Daboba to expand its Daboba Brand in San Diego County, USA with 20 stores as its goal. Currently, Daboba has thirteen stores in US with an additional 17 stores planned for opening consecutively as early as December 2022.  Daboba's most recent store opening occurred in Garden Grove, Orange County, CA in August 2022.

OneV Concepts Co-Founder and Executive Director, Yen Tran, tells What Now San Diego while the relationship is very new, they already have locations in the pipeline to grow Daboba aggressively in the coming year. 

Daboba currently operates 12 locations nationwide, with two in San Diego’s Kearny Mesa and Santee areas. There are another two to three locations on their way including in Rancho Bernardo and Mira Mesa expected between the end of the year and early 2023.

One of the tasks ahead for OneV Concepts is collaborating with the brand’s foundational team from Daboba’s home country of Malaysia to build on their marketing plan, which includes their web and social media presence in the US. Together they’ll continue research and development of Daboba’s permanent menu items and explore popular and trending drink options. “Our goal is to slowly and maturely introduce new drinks,” shares Yen Tran.

“We’re a niche company, focusing on Asian food and beverage brands. We look for brands that are unique, authentic, and have potential to grow regionally or nationally,” Yen Tran says about OneV Concepts’ growing portfolio of brands. Besides Daboba, the Orange County based group is negotiating a partnership with a trendy ice cream company and looks forward to growing other mom and pop businesses with a strong following. 

San Diegans can look forward to more from the bear-clad boba brand in the coming months. OneV Concepts is currently in the process of securing additional licensees to bring Daboba to new areas in Southern California and beyond. Daboba is expected to grow to over 50 locations nationwide by the end of 2023.

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About Daboba

Daboba was established in early 2018 under Double-O Holdings Group, which also owns 15 other well-known F&B brands. Daboba's menu offers a variety of high quality drinks that will cater to people of all ages at all times of the day. The menu will continually evolve based on consumer demand and trends and the partnership between OneV Capital and Double O Holdings will be a strong catalyst for growth in the months and years to come. 

About OneV Concepts
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