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DABOBA was established in early 2018 under the Double-O holding group, who manages 15 other well-known F&B brands.

The DABOBA management team is composed of several experienced trainers from Taiwan. With their rich experience in management and their valuable perspective in the industry, our team is committed to developing the company and seeking to be recognized globally for high quality ingredients. Equipped with a deep knowledge and understanding of tea products, the company aims to innovate a new line of tea drinks well-favored by tea lovers.

The menu at Daboba offers a variety of drinks that cater to people of all ages and at all times of the day.

There are a selection of tea-based drinks to satisfy customers in need of a caffeine mix, particularly in the morning. For the afternoon and evening, there is a variety of refreshing and thirst-quenching tea, milk, yogurt, and fruit drinks.

The menu will be continually evolving and will be adjusted based on consumer demands and trends. Our simple and flexible concept allows us to make these necessary adjustments as needed without any disruption to the speed of our operation, while delivering the highest quality drinks to our customers.

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