Ever After

882 viewed | 13/11/2021

Ever After Dessert Cafe signature dessert was founded in 2021 under Double-O Holding Groups. It serves Japanese Shaved Ice Desserts which is called as "Kakigori" that incorporate fresh fruits, ice cream as well as layers of flavour. In a nutshell it is a little mountain of fine shavings light as fresh snow, flavored with syrup, and sweetened with condensed milk.

A perfect match also comes in the form of their Signature Series include Signature Kakigori Series, Signature Souffle Pancake Series, Healthy Kakigori Series, Pancake Series, Signature Toast Series, Signature Waffle Series, and Signature Drinks. The texture of the ice remains non-negotiable, it must be shaved perfectly: not so fine that it will deflate or melt too quickly, but not so thick that it will harden as it melts. Chefs have begun experimenting with flavors, toppings, and local ingredients instead. In doing so, they can prolong Cold Sweets Summer. They also join a long tradition of kakigori “cooks” riffing on a dish so flexible and universally loved as to have remained on the menu for over a millennium.

The menu also improved from when the café first opened and new recipes are being tested and offered  regularly. The team strives to offer the most special and best desserts made from the finest ingredients. The goal is to keep the very same standard of quality, service, and the warmth atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.