Two Tigers Kopitiam

629 viewed | 31/10/2019

Two Tigers Kopitiam established in 2021 under Double-O holding group, serving Nanyang (South East Asian region includes Maylaysia, Singapore, Phillipines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia) and Taiwanese style delicacies. Their menu offers a variety of foods, drinks and desserts that will satisfy people of all ages, all times of the day


The word "kopitiam" is a combination of the word "coffee" from the Malay language with the word Hokkien for shop. In other words, "kopitiam" means "coffee shop". The kopitiam meals usually consist of a simple offer: a wide range of foods that contain eggs, toast and rich, and drinks such as coffee, tea and Milo.

Utilizing traditional and unique dishes from South East Asia, Two Tigers Kopiam aims to bring authentic local tastes to share with the world. The menu will continually evolve based on customers' demands and trends. We are looking for opening more locations across Malaysian and also having the plan to bring it to the US soon.

In the morning, there is a selection of coffee and tea drinks to satisfy those who need their caffeine fix. In addition, there are sandwiches, noodles and pastries for a delicious breakfast, which would be quick for take-out. Their Tigers Egg Tart is a MUST-TRY signature, favorite and well-loved by many customers.

During lunch or dinner, there are different rice dishes and noodles from meats to seafoods for solid and full-filled meals. Complete with the Taiwanses desserts, which are the sweet treats filled with traditional and authentic tastes selected from the finest ingredients and make fresh daily.